SoundCloud Music Review

SoundCloud is a great music spot for listening to songs, sharing your voice to any SoundCloud followers, such as producer, composer, artists and so on. You should be surprised by its fast spreading speed. So that’s the answer why Free Soundcloud Downloader is made.   soundclouds

Free Soundcloud Downloader is a multimedia streaming capture, ripper, and downloader that especially working for downloading Soundcloud mp3. All the sound cloudaudio tracks of 128k are allowed to be downloaded from SoundCloud and then converted to .mp3 format, even if that music stream for listen-only on Soundcloud.

As a download manager for SoundCloud for Windows, Free Soundcloud Downloader deserves its name, providing a variety of user experience concentrating on a convenient and smooth SoundCloud URL sniffing and downloading process, which is totally free. Usually capturing and finding streaming URL is a difficult technical problem, particularly for those links to streaming audio hidden behind javascript or ActiveX scripts that you come across on the web.

What’s more, besides free capturing SoundCloud streaming URL and downloading SoundCloud to mp3, Free Soundcloud Downloader contains a soundcloudnew function of following SoundCloud users whose sounds, posts, and music audio could be checked and displayed so that you will receive their public updates when you launch Free Soundcloud Downloader next time, which makes it easy to catch up with all the updates of users on SoundCloud. No matter how many users you follow or wants to filter, the freeware could detect and grab all the users’ updates streaming accurately at one time. And if you do not prefer too many tracks for a time, you can also set Free Soundcloud Downloader’s time interval about capturing music audio.

The software mainly consists of three parts, that is, Toolbar on the top and two SoundCloud Logolist boxes on the right side in which one list for user information and the other for user’s music audio track details. The simple and concise interface offers a clear look to software users, the buttons on which are easy to operate. Moreover, multiple systems like Microsoft Windows NT /2000 /XP /2003 /Vista/Windows 7, etc are supported by Free Soundcloud Downloader

Having been praised by many reviewers and download websites, Free Soundcloud Downloader, who targets to download music online and help music lovers get rid of the buffering time of music on the internet, offers listen to music onlineoffline mp3 for playing on popular music players, such as mp3, mobile phone, PSP, iPad, iPod and meets the needs of demanding music lovers who like to listen to the music everywhere.

Free Soundcloud Downloader does not have a music player, which implies that you cannot preview the song before downloading it. The creator of Free Soundcloud Downloader realizes this point and designs it to get access to the music track link address as soon as you right-click the Soundcloud music audio file