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Best Vaporizers for Weed & Box Mods

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Best Dry Herb Vaporizer and Vape Mods 2017

A vaporizer and box mods is a product that produces substances in vapour form and is particularly used for medical inhalation. Here are mentioned some of the best vaporizers & best vape mods which were found on E-cigarettePROs Reviews:

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· Extreme Q: it has been created by a popular Canadian company names Arizer. It can be carried anywhere as long as it can be plugged in somewhere. It requires a 19V power adapter. The outer shell is made stainless steel, hence it is practically heat resistant from outside. It also has a �elbow’ that is made of removable glass that is used to connect the wand whip or a balloon (which is a part of the kit). It gets heated very fast, usually within a couple of minutes. It comes with a ceramic heating technology along with lifetime warranty. Like most other vaporizers, has an in-built auto shut off feature. A remote control can also be used when one is at a distance from the vaporizer, to change the settings.

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· Herbalizer: it has been designed by 2 NASA engineers and is a product of USA. Aromatherapy and vaportherapy, both can be done using the same device. The Herbalizer or box mod vape symbolizes an egg when it is closed and kept in a place. There is a clamsell lid which needs to be opened and there appears an LCD screen and now it becomes a bona fide clinical product. The LCD screen displays ideas around how to start the device and also reads motivational statements on start up.

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Vaporizers Ranking 2017

· G-Pen Elite: The Best dry herb vaporizer for weed is packed safely in a cylindrical box and all the equipments are wrapped with laser cut foam. Each of these equipments has a distinguished number, so that copyrights are mods to vapereserved. The device has a rubber matte finish; it is scratch resistant and has a curvy yet sleek body. Initially only one button can be seen, with a closer look we can see temperature regulation is possible. It is a small sized and compact device that can easily fit in the back pocket. Also it is light weight and of the right size and shape that feels just correct when held in the palm. It comes with a USB cable for charging; a G card; matt key ring and a cleaning tool.

· Arizer Air aka best portable vaporizer: it comes in a bag which consists of battery; heating unit; an adapter; 3 glass stems; a glass dish; a silicone skin and best weed vaporizera carrying case. Also a stirring tool and 2 rubber caps are found in the bag. It looks like a sleek and compact microphone and can fit into a pocket or can easily come into the grip of the hand. The outer shell is pretty hard that protects it from wearing and tearing and the surface temperature is controlled by the vented top.